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2022 Winter Basketball

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STARplex Courts aims to foster a co-operative relationship between all members of our community.  

The Monday men’s basketball league at STARplex has grown from 4 times slots over 2 courts to 5 time slots over 5 courts.  In doing so the challenge to recruit, develop and retain quality referees has increased.  Mix in some Covid and additional red tape (like the requirement for a working with children check, vax certificate & EFT ref payments) the journey has been tough at times. 

  • We are committed to making it work by the actions below:
  • Expanded recruitment of officials from surrounding suburbs
  • Negotiations have commenced with Basketball SA to determine if some resources can be shared
  • Ongoing management of current pools of referees in our junior & senior programmes. 

We need more hands on deck and I am no longer able to offer game fee discounts to assist with covering games with ‘referees’.  You will need to be able to answer YES to ALL of the following:

  • Commenced & completed Working With Children Check – forms are available from Reception or STARplex Courts Coordinator.  This is a free service and you own the results to be used in all aspects of community volunteering/involvement. (required)
  • Personal contact information & bank information submitted to STARplex (required)
  • Signed Child-Safe Policy Acknowledgement form (required)

If this is you, we can assist with referee training and support.

Register your interest with Joseph Campbell – 0406 645 064 –

If we are not able to recruit a sufficient number of referees, games will be canceled to adhere to an acceptable standard of service delivery.  Ultimately, the only other option we have is to cap team numbers per day and split the competition to two days, with Saturday afternoons being the likely destination at this point. 

Thank you for your consideration.  We’d like to see ONE REFEREE PER TEAM step forward to support the largest league north of Grand Junction Road!