Creating a more safe space

  • The curtains between Courts 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 will be lowered during game times
  • Additional enter/exit points have been made available at the rear of Courts 2, 3 & 4.  
    • Feel free to enter & exit near the toilets, as well.  Please check-in at the nearest QR code upon entering.  
    • These doors will remain open throughout Senior programs.  Additional signage will be in the car park to make drivers aware of increased foot traffic.
  • The blue carpeted seating blocks will be staggered on the sidelines of each court to discourage large groups congregating in close physical proximity to each other
  • NO player will be allowed to play MULTIPLE GAMES in one night.  Play ONE GAME ONLY then leave promptly to limit potential exposure while also staying active.
  • Current provisions contained within COVID Safe Plans (excluding staff) for STARplex is:
    • Density of 1 per 2 sqmMax 2 Spectators per Player

Responding to positive Covid-19 cases?

There may be instances where multiple team members or whole teams are required to quarantine for a period of time (as determined by SA Health). Due to the unpredictable nature of such occurrences, STARplex will (in these circumstances):

  • Consider waivers for team payments for forfeited games (evidence may be required)
  • Where more than 50% of teams in the same division or grade is affected, the associated round may be canceled and no make-up games scheduled.

Close contacts*

  • Close contacts = teammates
  • ‘Potential’ close contacts = opponents
  • Low risk contacts = referees
  • Masked spectators and scorers/timekeepers will NOT be classified as close contacts

* as defined by STARplex in relation to our sporting programs | Go to SA HEALTH for updates