• Current provisions contained within COVID Safe Plans (excluding staff) for STARplex is:
    • Density of 1 per 2 sqm
  • Keep your distance – wherever possible stay 1.5 metres apart
  • No loitering – come, play, leave promptly
    • As much as we love our community and the time we spend together, it’s important to limit potential exposure.  Enjoy the physical activity, which we all need – but then make your way out of the Courts (exit near the toilets) within 5 minutes of your game ending.
    • NO player will be allowed to play MULTIPLE GAMES in one night.  Play ONE GAME ONLY then leave promptly to limit potential exposure while also staying active.
  • Limit spectators to zero (0) when possible – Max 2 Spectators per Player


  • Injured players who will not be actively participating can attend games and be classified as a player. They will be required to sit on the team bench and wear a mask if aged 12 years or older.
  • An official, coach, assistant coach, team manager, videographer, scorer or time keeper is not classified as a spectator.  If they remain masked, they would NOT be considered a close contact in the event a player returns a positive Covid-19 test within 48 hours
  • If you have no other childcare options, you are permitted to attend indoor sport and have your other children present. You should stay together as a family group whilst inside the venue.  Wear a mask if aged 12 years or older.

Where siblings are under 18 and playing at the same venue, they will be classified as participants and may attend their sibling’s game.  Wear a mask if aged 12 years or older.