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Australia Day Basketball Carnival

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1.0 Games will start at the designated starting time and the game clock will commence as a running clock. All players must be pre-registered through the online player registration process.

2.0 No Shot Clock 

3.0 THREE POINT RULE – The three [3] pointer will apply to Under 14’s and above 4.0 COLOUR CLASH – First named team on the score sheet to change uniform 


5.1 Each game, including finals will consist of 4 x 8 minute quarters 

5.2 One minute break between quarters 

5.3 Two Timeouts per team in the 1st half of the game 

5.4 Two Timeouts per team in the 2nd half of the game 

5.5 In the event of a tied score NO overtime played in minor round games. 

5.6 Minor Round and Semi Final Games CLOCK DOES NOT STOP 

5.61 No timeouts allowed in the last two minute of the first 3 quarters and the last three minutes of the 4th quarter of the game 

5.7 GRAND FINAL Games – CLOCK ONLY STOPS for all timeouts in the game 

and whistles in the last two minutes of the game. 

6.0 Tied Games – Ties will be recognized except in all Finals where an extra three [3] minutes will be played. One time out will be granted in this extra period. All unused timeouts in regulation don’t carry over. CLOCK ONLY STOPS in the last two minutes of the extra period. 

7.0 Zone Defense – Zone defense is not permitted in Under 10’s, Under 12’s, Under 14’s age groups. 

8.0 Mercy Rule; All Under 10’s – In any game where the score shows a difference of twenty [20] points or more, all players from the leading team must be behind the three point line. Once the ball has passed across the three point line, the defensive players are allowed to occupy any position on the court. If the team which is twenty [20] points or more in arrears loses possession of the ball for any reason at all, before it has reached the three point line, and there are more than two [2] Defensive players in advance of the three point line, then the ball is returned to the offensive team 

9.0 ELIGIBILITY – Players need to play 2 minor round games to be eligible for a Grand Final (Semi-Final = Minor Round). Teams will earn 2 points for a win; 1 point for a draw; and 0 points for a loss. Finals will be determined by the following: 

  • 4 team group, the 4th game = Semi-finals and Grand Final = winner of each semi 
  • +4 teams in a group =  #1 points earned (as stated above); #2 head-to-head (if applicable); #3 goal difference