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Largest Social Basketball Comp in SA

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You are part of the biggest senior social basketball competition in South Australia.  4 Courts over 4 time slots every Monday at STARplex!

And nominations are still coming in!!

But we’ve reached a point where in order to sustain that growth we need more players to put their hands up to referee (don’t worry, we’re simultaneously recruiting and training up traditional referees).

  • <1 year refereeing experience gets you $15 credit/game.  Want to get paid straight to your account? Ask Joseph for the paperwork.
  • 1-3 years experience gets you $16.50 credit/game (means you own a black/white or grey ref top) or $18 to your account
  • 3+ years experience and rates are negotiable for a game fee credit or EFT.
  • Referee 10+ games in a season (there’s up to 4/night) and we’re willing to offer $30/hr ($22.50/game) for every game after 10 per season.

If you referee junior games (U12 – U18) you will 100% need a working with children check (part of the paperwork – STARplex provides the check at no cost).  Rates above are for senior games only.

STARplex will provide a 1-hr training session for all those wishing to be paid directly into your account.  Those reffing for credit – you’re defining what it is to be part of a community!  We’ll walk you through it – as I tell players that ref – call the game like you’d want it called for you.

***You determine the quality of this program***

If I recruit from closer to the city, I’ll be paying close to double the going rate and you’d be subjected to countless technicals, district-level calls and, ultimately, a less social environment (and higher costs).

If current players step up, then we’re able to keep prices from drastically rising.  We’ll also TRULY ESTABLISH A COMMUNITY SOCIAL LEAGUE that is both fun and as competitive as you want.


We need 4 individuals from each division to referee at least 1 game per Monday night.  Given there’s at least 40 individuals per time slot playing, that’s just 10%!!!


REFEREES make $75-$100 over 3 hours as hobby pay (non-taxed)

COORDINATORS make $50k – $80k/year (depending on experience)



Have you thought about a career in Community Sport?  STARplex will be launching an sport administrator internship program for the Summer 2021/22 season.  Keen to have a little fun while you earn a living?

Chat with Joseph @ 0406.645.064


Otherwise, a bit of petro $$ for your time goes a loooong way to ensuring our competition – YOUR competition – gets and stays at a high level (regardless of playing quality, you should come to expect friendly, focused referees).