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No Tolerance for Tantrums

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AT STARplex we are implementing a new ‘No Tolerance for Tantrums’ system across all court sports.

YELLOW CARDS will be issued as a warning card.

Three yellow cards in a season will equal a 1 game suspension minimum.

2 Yellow cards in one game will equal 1 red card.

RED CARDS  can be issued  without warning should be the behaviour be severe. Red cards equal an automatic ejection from the game.  You will receive a minimum of 1 game suspension.

All umpires and referees will be educated on this new policy and it will, in its full effect, on the 19th July 2021.

STARplex is a Family Friendly venue and any abusive, disruptive or threatening behaviour and language will not be tolerated. Unnecessary rough play and unsociable behaviour is not advised due to safety concerns.

  • An acceptable standard of behaviour is expected of patrons at all times. STARplex staff reserve the right to remove any person not respecting our rules and conditions of entry.
  • Participants must behave respectfully and courteously to the umpires, opponents, team mates and spectators. No foul language or unsportsman like conduct under any circumstance shall be displayed on the court. Players may be asked to leave the court if foul language or unsportsman like conduct continues.
  • Each team will be held responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators
  • Players may not wear anything that could endanger themselves or other players.
  • Fingernails preferably must be short and smooth. Nails that can just be seen over the tips of the fingers or nails of a longer length are to be cut or securely covered.
  • Fit Bits/watches etc are not allowed to be worn on arms or legs.