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STARplex Girls Participation Pathways

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Aussie Hoops
Little Lions
Junior Lions

allSTAR Academy

risingSTAR > nextSTAR >>allSTAR

From introduction to elite, STARplex is well-positioned to support a young athlete’s journey from their first baskets in Aussie Hoops to more advanced concepts and training regimes in the allSTAR Academy.

As a risingSTAR, it is our hope that you progress to a nextSTAR then an allSTAR on your skill development journey.  Wherever you land, we hope you have fun as you learn a competitive skill set from professional coaches in the familiar walls of the STARplex Courts. 

The allSTAR Academy is a dedicated program combining athlete development, building positive shooting patterns, sustainable decision making and strong mental health processes to execute fundamental basketball skills with flare, consistency, progressively more challenging and the right way

          Θ  All new-comers start as a risingSTAR

          Θ  Once the new habits are executed with new intent, athlete progress to nextSTAR

          Θ  When it all comes together – the competitiveness, the intent, the consistency – you’re an allSTAR

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or for a confidential chat, call 8522.0657 or speak to your trusted STARplex Courts staff